A day for man’s best friend

D’ Dog House: “They are not pets, they are family”.

Last Sunday, February 24, 2013, dog owners showed that their dogs are not just pets; as they celebrate the “Bark 4 Love,” they made their pets feel they’re also part of the family.

Bark 4 Love
A dog owner takes good care of his Siberian husky during the event. (Photo by  Benjamin Ycong)

The event started with a grand dog parade from the Mactan Newtown to the Mactan Liberty Shrine. Different dog breeds were present in the parade and in the event.

Bark 4 Love
The Department of Agriculture joins the parade as it supports “Bark 4 Love.” (Photo By Fritz John A. Menguito)

Bark 4 Love
The float of D’ Dog House Cafe and Grooming Salon. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)

Bark 4 Love
A BPSO member joins the parade with his dog. (Photo By Fritz John A. Menguito)
Bark 4 Love
The float of the Siberian Husky Club. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)
Bark 4 Love
Pet owners and their dogs during the parade. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)

The ribbon cutting was done by organizer Aileen Radaza and Rudolfo Berame of the City Health office, symbolizing the official opening of the event. “We want to promote responsible pet ownership and at the same time provide entertainment,” Ms. Radaza said to describe the event.

Bark 4 Love
Organizer Aileen Radaza organizer and Dr. Rodulfo Berame cut the ribbon during the opening. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)
Bark 4 Love
Mayor Paz C. Radaza, with her dog “Kikay,” joins Bark 4 Love. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)

The event was made more fun as lots of games were included, like dog stunts demonstrated by C.A.R.E., modified triathlon for the dogs and their owners, amazing race, zumbark, and dog fashion show.

Bark 4 Love
Dog stunts demonstrated by C.A.R.E. and PDAA. (Photo By Fritz John A. Menguito)
Bark 4 Love
A Siberian Husky, one of the dogs at the event. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)
Bark 4 Love
A cute little puppy joins the dog fashion show. (Photo By Fritz  John A. Menguito)
Bark 4 Love
Dog owners who participated in the Amazing Race. 9Photo By Benjamin Ycong)
Bark 4 Love
Dog owners with their dogs, joins the triathlon. Photo By Benjamin Ycong
Bark 4 Love
A dog and its owner enjoy the view at the Mactan Shrine seashore. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)

Offered during the event were free vet services like Neutering/Castration (Kapon) of Dogs, rabies vaccination, vitamin supplementation, deworming, treatment, and pet blessing done by Fr. Benjie Balsamo, MSC of the Sto. Niño de Cebu Mactan Parish.

Bark 4 love
Free rabies vaccination for registered dogs. (Photo By Fritz John Menguito)
A og was blessed with holy water. (Photo By Ariel Berdon)
Booth for those who like to treat their dogs to grooming and a salon. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)
The Provincial Veterinary Office conducts free castration/neutering for dogs. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)
Free vitamins for the dogs were distributed. Photo By Benjamin Ycong

There is also an adoption booth for those who like to adopt a dog.

Dog adoption booth. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)

Speed dating with celebrity guests was held for those who are present at the event.

Bark 4 Love
Aileen Radaza organizer (center) poses with celebrity guests Mat Evans (left) and KC Montero (right). (Photo By Fritz John Augosto Menguito)
Free speed dating with celebrity guests. (Photo By Benjamin Ycong)

More owners registered their dogs this year, and most of the 1,015 dogs were AsPin or AsKal, 130 were castrated compared to last year’s 468 registered dogs and 73 castrated dogs.

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