Lapu-Lapu City Fiesta 2015 schedule nightly activities

This celebration is an annual religious and cultural commemoration in honor of the Oponganon’s devotion to the Virgen de Regla.

A month long gathering that proclaims faith and other commendable skills of Oponganons.

The feast day will be held on the 21st of November but the City has prepared a lot of activities before the grand celebration day.

One of the highlight of this month long activity is the Coronation of Miss Lapu-Lapu, a search of beauty and brains.

This is your ultimate guide in attending to what the City has prepared for you.  – Rosenith D. Augusto


October 9, 2015                –              Kick off Night

November 1, 2015           –              Abat-Abat Disco Halloween Party

November 4, 2015           –              Philippine RedCross Lapu-Lapu & Cordova Chapter Nite

November 5, 2015           –              Senior Citizen (OSCA) Nite

November 6, 2015           –              Konka/Mask (Kababayen-an and Mahuyangs Nite)

November 7, 2015           –              INTENSE CITY: Color Festival Party

November 8, 2015           –              Student Got Talent

November 9, 2015           –              Presentation of Candidates

(Prince, Princess, & Mrs. Lapu-Lapu)

Talent Nite for Miss Lapu-Lapu

November 10, 2015         –              Tourism Nite (Hoops Dome)

Mactan Island Tennis Club Nite (Auditorium)

November 12, 2015         –              Fluvial Procession / First Day Novena /ABC Nite

November 13, 2015         –              Government Employees Nite

Last Counting for Prince, Princess, and Mrs. Lapu-Lapu

November 14, 2015         –              DepEd Nite

November 15, 2015         –              Lapu-Lapu City College Nite

November 16, 2015         –              Lapu-Lapu City Market Vendors Nite

November 17, 2015         –              SMB Nite

An event sponsored by San Miguel Beer

November 18, 2015         –              Civic Military Parade

12:00 nn               –                      Garbo Sa Lapu-Lapu / University of Cebu Lapu-Lapu and Mandaue Nite

November 19, 2015         –              LLCUYO (Lapu-Lapu City United Youth Organization)

November 20, 2015         –              Coronation of Miss Lapu-Lapu

Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium

7:00 PM – 12:00 MN

November 21, 2015         –              Coronation of Mrs. Lapu-Lapu, Prince and Princess

Lapu-Lapu City Auditorium

7:00 PM – 12:00 MN

November 22, 2015         –              Awarding Ceremonies




Emergency Contact Numbers (Cebu)


Lapu-Lapu City Police Office Hotline


Lapu-Lapu City NERVE CENTER – 341-3771

Cebu Province Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Management – 255-0046

Bogo City Command Center – 2605185

Consolacion Municipal Administrator – 0917-3021930

Cebu City Hall Command Center – 2530357

Cebu City Disaster Risk and Emergency Management – 255-0046

PIO Cebu Province – 254-3454, 236-7672 (telefax), 236-3626

PIO Lapu-Lapu City – 260-4942 / 0908-345-4963

PIO Cebu City – 253-4754, 253-6984, 253-0358

PIO Alcantara – 4739199, 4739048

PIO Alcoy – 483-9183

PIO Alegria – 476-8125

PIO Aloguinsan – 4699035 / 4699034 / 09275274738

PIO Argao – 4858011/3677542/ 3677551 loc 113 / 09085454994

PIO Asturias – 4649042 loc 104 / 09275504711

PIO Badian- 475-9044, 475-9118

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PIO Boljoon – 432-9053, 432-9308

PIO Borbon – 4329053, 4329308

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PIO Carmen – 2668740, 42994215, 4299422

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PIO Moalboal – 4748204

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PIO Oslob – 4819185, 4819054

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PIO Ronda – 4729031, 4729068

PIO Samboan – 4790080

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PIO San Remegio – 4359028

PIO Santa Fe – 4389221, 4389220

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PIO Sibonga – 4869417

PIO Sogod – 4319159, 4319069

PIO Tabogon – 4339085, 4339079 (local 103)

PIO Tabuelan – 4619028, 4619027

PIO Talisay City – 7270669, 2731425, 2723386

PIO Toledo City – 4678369, 4678371

PIO Tuburan – 4639218 (local 102), 4639041

PIO Tudela, Camotes – 09197981097



(63-32) 253-4611

Pre. Osmena Blvd., Cebu City

Red Cross LapuLapu/Cordova Chapter

268-9983 / 495- 4770 / 0917-853-5390

ERUF (Emergency Rescue Unit Foundation)

Dial 161 from any landline within Cebu

* ERUF Banilad: +63.32.233-9300

* ERUF Lapu Lapu: +63.32.340-2994 / 261-9788

* ERUF Abellana Sports Complex: +63.32.255-7287


(32) 3402994

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Minglanilla -(6332) 273-2830

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Talisay City – (6332) 272-8277

Lapu-Lapu City – (6332) 340-0252



Lapu-Lapu City District Hospital

(6332) 340-0248

Badian District Hospital



Cebu City Medical Center

(6332) 255-7141

N. Bacalso Avenue ,Cebu City

Mandaue City District Hospital

(6332) 345-9739 to 42

Don Andres Soriano Avenue , Cebu City

Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center

(6332) 255-1591, (6332) 253-9891

B. Rodriguez, Cebu City


Cebu City Visayas Community Medical Center

(6332) 253-6399; +6332 253-1901

Osmena Blvd., Cebu City

Cebu Doctor’s Hospital

(6332) 253-7511

(6332) 253-7516

(6332) 255-5555

Osmeña Blvd., Cebu City

Cebu Velez General Hospital

(6332) 253-1871 , (6332) 253-1879

F. Ramos St., Cebu City

Chong Hua Hospital

(6332) 254-1461

(6332) 254-3228

(6332) 353-9409

(6332) 255-8000

Fuente Osmeña, Cebu City

Cortes General Hospital

(6332) 345 – 1486

Ouano Mandaue City

Dr. Ignacio M. Cortes General Hospital Inc.

346 – 7850; 346 – 7859

Rizal Mandaue City

Doctors Specialty Reactive Medical & Diagnostic

(6332) 253-6865

2/F F Suarez Bldg. Osmena Blvd. Cor. Llorente St.Cebu City

H.W. Miller Memorial Sanitarium & Hospital


No.400 Tres De Abril Street, Cebu City,6000

Isidro Kintanar Memorial Hospital (Argao)


Argao, Cebu

LH Prime Medical Center

032-345-3481; Fax no.032-344-3435

A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City, 6014

Mactan Doctor’s Hospital

(6332) 341-0000

Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan

Mactan Community Hospital

(6332) 340-3721, (6332) 340-3728

Basak 6015 Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

Metro Cebu Community Hospital

(6332) 253-1901; +6332 253-1902

Jones Ave., Cebu City

Miller Sanitarium & Hospital

(6332) 261-2100,262-1974 400

Tres de Abril Street , San Nicolas

North General Hospital Inc.

(6332) 343-7777 Kauswagan Road, Talamban, Cebu City

Perpetual Soccour Hospital

6332 232-2411; +6332 232-2418 (6332) 233-8620

Gerordo Ave., Cebu City

Sacred Heart Hospital

(6332)254-1841 ,(6332) 254-8821

Villa Asnar Urgello Private Rd. Cebu City

St. Vincent General Hospital

6332 254-4206 / 253-8296 210

D Jones Avenue, Cebu City

South General Hospital

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Tuyan , Naga Cebu

Talisay City District Hospital

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Tojong Hospital

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Vicente Gullas Memorial Hospital

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Banilad, Mandaue City

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Lapu-Lapu City Police Station Contact Number

Lapu-Lapu City Hotline: 341-1311 / 0917-306-7147

Dial 166 from any land-line within Cebu City

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Fuente Osmena Police: +63.32.256-2194 | +63.32.255-7350 / 253-5636

Guadalupe Police Station: +63.32.256-2193 /254-3214

Pardo Police Station: +63.32.273-3642

Punta Princesa Police Station: +63.32.261-7507

Mabolo Police Station: +63.32.233-6793

Mambaling Police Station: +63.32.261-9804

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Talamban Police Station: +63.32.244-7400

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Lapu-Lapu City Fire District 

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Cebu Fil-Chinese Volunteer Fire Brigade




Mandaue City: +63.32.344-4747 or hotline +63.32.344-3364

Talamban: +63.32.344-9200

Talisay City: +63.32.272-8277

Minglanilla: +63.32.273-2830

Argao: +63.32.367-7680

Mayor Paz Corro Radaza SOCA 2015

LAPU logo hi res state soca clip 2015


Hoops Dome, Lapu-Lapu City

August 14, 2014 – 9:30AM

Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Paz Corro Radaza


Congresswoman Aileen Corro Radaza
Vice-Mayor Marcial A. Ycong and the City Councilors
Barangay Captains and Barangay Officials
Department Heads and Fellow Government Workers
Members of the Business Sector
Tourism Stakeholders
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

Good Morning!

Even before you elected me into office, I took pride and joy in helping my fellow Oponganons.

Working hard to grow the economy, fighting the war against drugs, providing quality education and health care, putting in place infrastructure

to keep pace with progress, giving what’s due all of you, keeps me going even late every night.

You my fellow Oponganons are my inspiration.

Exactly 352 days ago today, I stood here before you to deliver my 2014 state of the city address.
That time, I said, let us all join hands as we journey on to June 30, 2016, the day my second term ends.  And join hands we did.

That is why we’ve accomplished so much in a span of one year.

I was confident to tell you, that when my second term expires at exactly 11:59 in the morning of June 30, 2016, I will proudly look all

of you straight in the eyes and say, I have left a legacy that you will all be proud of.

Right here and now, less than a year before I finished my second term, let me proudly declare that indeed investors confidence is back.

We’ve done it because we pursued good governance.

We’ve done it because we built transparency and accountability as the cornerstone of good governance.

Now we’re reaping the fruits of our effort in bringing back investors confidence.

I would like to thank GMR Megawide Cebu Airport Corporation, SM, Megaworld, Lufthansa Technik and all businesses that decided to set up shop in our city.

No less than Mactan Cebu International Airport Authority or (MCIAA) general manager Nigel Villarete wrote on his Facebook Page recently

and I quote “As a good corporate citizen and an instrumentality of the Republic of the Philippines, we will dutifully pay all the taxes due, in line with the

Supreme Court ruling. We are a part of Lapu-lapu City. It is our home. We are a part of, a contributor to, as well as a recipient of the fruits of, its development. We have to do our share in nation-building as well as that of the city where we are located,” end of quote

When I became mayor, I sat down with executives of MCIAA to work on an amicable settlement so that we can collect the taxes due us

and use it for the benefit of our people.

Based on our computation, MCIAA owes City Hall over one billion pesos.
Just a few weeks ago, it paid the city government around 101 million pesos in taxes.

In 2014, it also paid the city around 200 million pesos.

Thank you MCIAA for your trust and confidence in my administration.

Thank you for doing your share to make the city grow.

Your tax payment, rest assured is money well spent and it will be for the benefit of the people of our city.

Another government institution, the Philippine Economic Zone Authority or (PEZA) has also willingly entered into a court

approved amicable settlement with the city.

Thank you PEZA for your trust and support in my administration.

The taxes paid to the city, rest assured, will be spent judiciously for the benefit of the locators and its thousands of employees

Another proof that we have relentlessly pursued good governance is the award from the Bureau of Local Government Finance for

having the highest growth of locally-sourced income among 16 cities in Central Visayas based on 2013 and 2014 collections.

The sharp rise in the city’s income is a result of the taxes paid by companies doing business here.

We all know that when corporations dutifully pay their taxes it is because they have trust and confidence in their government.

In 2014, the local government earned P1.4 billion from 927 million in 2010, a hike of 53 percent.
At the start of my first term, real property tax was only at 60.7 million pesos, four years later, in 2014, it reached 148 million pesos, an increase of 144 percent.

On business tax, we hiked collection by 61 percent in four years from 303 million pesos in 2010 to 488 million in 2014.

Lapu-Lapu City is one of 43 local government units in Cebu that received the 2014 Seal of Good Governance: Good Financial Housekeeping from the

Department of Interior and Local Government or (DILG).

At present, Lapu-Lapu City has 12 thousand establishments up from 7,000 in 2010 or an increase of 66 percent in just four years.

This shows how much they want to do business in our city.

To the business sector, thank you for your trust and confidence in my administration.


                  Mini Hoops Dome at Olango Island Lapu-Lapu City.

World class amenities, that is our brand promise as Lapu-Lapu: The Historic Resort City.

With the city’s rapid growth it is important that we keep pace.
In my five years as mayor, I am proud to tell you my beloved Oponganons around 70 percent of the 96.6 kilometers of city roads are now cemented.

We have concreted around 48 kilometers of the total 67.2 kilometers of cemented roads.

This is what you demanded and I have delivered it.

Another problem that we need to address is the drainage system of the city.

I would like to report to you that we have completed the drainage from Bagong Silang Elementary School to Pajac and the drainage at Humay-Humay old Cemetery.

We have also awarded the drainage project along Aviation road.

There is an ongoing installation of drainage along Lopez Jaena Street.

We have also bidded out the drainage project for the Martir Street in barangay Poblacion.

A total of six kilometers of drainage have been constructed in my five years in office while three kilometers of drainage work is now on-going.

December of last year, the Mini Hoops Dome in Olango Island was inaugurated.
To keep pace with progress and growth and to be true to our brand promise of providing world class amenities we have spent a total of 204 million on infrastructure projects since last year.


Ongoing Construction in Bankal Elementary School, Barangay Bankal Lapu-Lapu City.

Education is always a priority in my administration.

I believe that there is no other way for our youth to be able to succeed in life than to get quality education.

And providing quality education requires that we address the shortage of classrooms.

Since the middle of last year and until now, we have constructed 115 classrooms.

We have spent 124 million pesos for it.  To date there are 137 new public school teachers.



Lapu-Lapu City College is our way of providing affordable quality tertiary education to our people.

We have started the construction of a new school building worth 20 million in Carajay, Gun-ob campus and upgraded the library, laboratory and other school facilities.

Aside from producing the first batch of 177 Bachelor’s degree graduates we have conferred Certificates to 80 Associates in Hospitality Management and 150 Associates in Industrial Technology.
We have also recruited and hired 53 highly qualified college instructors with doctoral and master’s degree, as well as highly experienced instructors with background experience in business and industries.

Currently, we have 1,512 college students in 3 major courses : Education, Industrial Technology and Hospitality Management.

We received grants for 30 Congressional Scholars, 173 CHED Tulong Dunong Scholars and eight working students through the fund allocations of Congresswoman Aileen Corro Radaza.

And on behalf of my fellow Oponganons, I say thank you to Congresswoman Radaza for helping the city achieve inclusive growth.


While there are those fortunate enough to live comfortably in a place they call their own, I want that appropriate programs will also be accorded to our urban poor families.

We are now working on the speedy implementation of urban poor housing.
We are also coordinating with the National Housing Authority on the availment of 5.9 million pesos for the resettlement assistance program intended for the Sudtunggan Resettlement site.

To our fellow Oponganons in the urban poor sector, your city government is working hard to give you a place which you can proudly call your own home.


While it is the national government that created the Pantawid Program, the local government has created
the City Convergence Committee for Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program implementation as our way to enhance it.

We have provided monthly allowance to 212 Pantawid Parent Leaders.

We have extended financial assistance to 74 scholars of Pantawid beneficiaries.

The city government has provided an air conditioned office space complete with logistics to the Pantawid Staff.

We have sent them to leadership and livelihood trainings.



I vowed that there will be no more dark streets so we started lighting up our roads particularly in the main highways and then later this year along the main barangay roads.

For now we have 110 units of LED installed along ML Quezon Avenue, 29 units installed at Lapu-Lapu City Hall Compound.

We will soon acquire 38 sets of LED lamps, from the Department of Energy and 26 sets funded by the city.



With rapid urbanization, traffic congestion is bound to happen.

I will not allow it to dampen our city growth. We have to continue to find innovative solutions to address it.

I am working closely with the Department of Public Works and Highway of (DPWH) for the installation of traffic signal lights along major streets.


The Police has intensified the fight against drugs by conducting 280 operations and arrested 380 persons from a period of August 2014 to July 2015.

It has also filed around 1,000 cases in court. I know the problem of drugs in our city is something we are all concerned.

I order Lapu-Lapu City acting police director Senior Superintendent Armando Radoc to further intensify the fight against drugs.

I’ve said this before, the best way to approach the war against drugs is through effective community relations.
The fight against illegal drugs cannot be won by plain police work or by using force.

It has to be, by engaging the community. It has to be, by getting the support of our people.

I urged the police to come up with creative ways in getting our people to support the programs in the war against illegal drugs.

And to my fellow Oponganons, I asked you please join the police and my administration on this war.

This is our fight. And let’s win it for our children and for our city.


Babag National High School teachers and students join coastal clean-up.

In my early days in office four years ago, we were faced with issues on solid waste management.

Now we are working closely with the barangays to ensure full compliance of the law.

Under the law, solid waste management is the responsibility of the barangays, as a tourism destination, I see to it that we have a clean and green city.

We have conducted seminars and workshops in the different public schools and private subdivisions on the proper management of solid wastes.

We have a fully operational Material Recovery Facility.


                     Santa Rosa Hospital in Olango Island Lapu-Lapu City

For a city to progress and develop, it must ensure the health of its constituents. As we all know, health is wealth.

In 2014, we consistently had the lowest prevalence rate of malnutrition.

We received 14 million pesos for Santa Rosa Hospital in Olango Island as part of a Health Facility Enhancement Program.

Our hospital in Olango is now considered level one and is the only hospital in Central Visayas with a Comprehensive Emergency Maternal Obstetric and Newborn Care or (CEMONC) facility.

The city government has received a Plaque of Recognition from the Department of Health or DOH for being a top performing province in “TB Cure Rate” based on 2013-2014 LGU scorecard nationwide.

Another Plaque of Recognition for being a top performing province in “Maternal Care Package Accreditation” based on the 2013-2014 LGU scorecard nationwide.


Kababayen-an sa Opon Nagkahiusa Alang sa Kalambuan or (KONKA) Lapu-Lapu City

The Lapu-Lapu City Cooperative and Livelihood Resources Center or (LCLRC) was set-up as a Poverty Alleviation Program and as part of my administration’s inclusive growth policy.

The program includes various forms of Community and Center Based Livelihood Skills Training, Micro Enterprise Promotion and Development, Cooperative and Civil Society Organizing and Resource Mobilization.

We have organized the Kababayen-an sa Opon Nagkahiusa Alang sa Kalambuan or (KONKA) and created a federation.

It is actively engaged in various forms of catering and other forms of income generating activities.

KONKA is succeeding in its advocacy in advancing the welfare of women.

A major project of LLCRC is the opening of Asinan, Sabang “Eco-Tourism Park” in Olango Island.

The project is a model in Eco-Tourism and Poverty Alleviation.

Around 25 families whose daily subsistence comes from gathering sea shells or “panginhas” are now provided alternative livelihood.

The project also aims to protect the mangroves and other natural resources in the area.

The families were organized and provided trainings on project planning, food preparation, food serving for the youth, leadership training and team building activities to promote cooperation among the families.

The project was launched in December 12, 2014 with the following income sources: Souvenir Shop, Rentable Sleeping Tents, Tables and Chairs, Kitchen Equipment and Food Catering.

As of June 30, 2015, a total of P109 thousand went to profit sharing benefiting the 25 families. Currently, the project has an asset worth 360 thousand.


Job Fair last May 2015 at Hoops Dome Lapu-Lapu City

Our pursuit for good governance resulted in investors confidence which in turn resulted in job creation.

To date our Public Employment Service Office or (PESO) has hired 5,000 applicants for local employment.

Hirings were mostly for manufacturing firms, BPOs, Malls, Fast Foods chains, Hotels and Construction.

For Overseas Employment, there were 518 applicants hired for deployment to South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand, Kuwait, Quatar, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Our PESO also has a Special Employment Program benefiting 395 students.


John Jerish Velarde received his first professional international title as “Candidate Master (CM)” at the Asian Schools Chess Championship 2015

A city can not have sustainable development without a successful Sports Development Program for the youth.

We have an annual Inter-barangay tournament during summer and Inter-department basketball and volleyball tournaments every end of the year.

In my 2014 state of the city address, I declared to make Hoops Dome as center for indoor games.

On December 13 last year, we opened the indoor games sports facility.

This is free for all Oponganons with instructors paid by the city government.

This program helped our medal standing on CVIRAA 2015 as we moved up by one rank.

Last November, we inaugurated the very first Skatepark in Cebu.

This year we will be implementing the first ever inter-subdivision basketball tournament and hopefully some other sporting events will be added next year.

This is one of our community involvement program which is aimed to bring the government closer to its constituents.

Here with us today is a 12 year old chess master and Asian Chess U9 Category silver medalist, John Jerish Velarde.
He received his first professional international title as “Candidate Master (CM)” at the Asian Schools Chess Championship 2015.
He represented the Lapu-Lapu City Central School in the competition.


TRIbu Lapu-Lapu Ironman 70.3 Philippines finishers with Mayor Paz C. Radaza & DOT Dir. Rowena Montecillo. Indivudual finishers Elito Yu, Roldan Pepito, (not in picture Richel Sale, Jimm Paul Rubi, Jochellle Tumulak). & Relay finishers Ronald Cosep, Frances Nicole Balao, Andy Berame, (not in picture Cordelie Altizo, Edgar Fuentes & Franco Limpangug).

This year we hosted our fourth Cobra Energy Drink Iron Man 70.3 Philippines.

Around 2700 athletes from 50 countries joined the international sporting event.

Let me say a special thank you to my constituents who went all out to support this international race for four consecutive years now.

On this year’s Iron Man and for the first time, we had City Hall personnel and Oponganons represent the city.

At least 14 triathletes composed Tribu Lapu-Lapu.

My congratulations to all of them for finishing the grueling race.

You made us proud.

Next year, because of Sunrise Events, the organizer of Iron Man, Cebu including our City will play host to the 70.3 Asia-Pacific Championship Triathlon.
Let’s show our guests and participants how world-class our city is.



A time well spent on public service and on good governance is a life well lived.

In all humility, this is how I have been serving you and that is how I intend to finish the rest of my second term.

I want to do only the best for all of you.

But, as you all know, I am just human and sometimes my best is not good enough.

And so I asked for your patience and understanding.

While I am proud to tell you that I have brought back investors confidence.
While I am proud to tell you that our local economy is enjoying unprecedented growth.

While I am proud to tell you that my administration has institutionalized good governance.

Time is running out on my second term.

I can only do so much from hereon.
For five years, I was able to perform most of what you’ve expected of me.

For five years, I was able to do most of what you required of me.

But, I know you will agree with me on this, that I still have one very important task to accomplish for our beloved city.

Very recently our very own Lapu-Lapu City Facebook page posted a photo of a man in uniform feeding two street kids in a fast food chain not far from City Hall.

The photo went viral online.

It earned the attention of the netizens and news website.

There were two kinds of reaction.

One was praising the generosity of a member of the Philippine Air Force who I invited here today.

He is Airman Mario Teadila, a member of the 560th Air Base Wing of the Philippine Air Force who hails from Lipa City, Batangas.

In the news reports that featured the viral photo he narrated his experienced with poverty having been brought up by parents with no stable jobs.

What touched me was when he said, on that day, he just sent money to his family in Batangas when he saw the two boys sleeping near a mall and decided to take them out for a meal.

When asked why he did it, he answered that’s how he was raised by his parents.

A snappy salute to you Airman Teadila.
You’ve shown us Oponganons what generosity is and how important it is to think of others.

As netizens applauded his noble act, there were also questions on what the city is doing to children like the two boys he invited for a meal.

I also invited Moises and Christopher here today.

My fellow Oponganons, whatever is left on my second term, I want to let you know that I will focus on institutionalizing inclusive growth.

I want to continue to provide good governance so that NO OPONGANON IS LEFT BEHIND.

I admit that there are many Moises’ and Christopher’s who need to feel the benefits of a booming local economy.
To you Moises and Christopher, I will work even harder to ensure that you will have a bright future.

I have proven to you my fellow Oponganons that I can perform the tasks you want me to do.

I have shown you that I can deliver the daunting work required at City Hall.

To those who continue to instill pessimism on our people by shouting Bangon Oponganon, you’re out of touch.

We’re not down in the dumps, in fact our beloved city is soaring high.

To those who insist on the negative stories of old, stop pretending not to see the growth and progress happening.

True, there are still Moises’ and Christopher’s on the streets like in any fast growing metropolis.

There are still many of our brothers and sisters who need help.

But, let’s look at the bright side.

The best education is what I desire for the Oponganons and the creation of the Lapu-Lapu City college is one of its realization.

With the city college offering affordable and quality education, our youth is now given the opportunity to pursue tertiary education.

Of the 137 newly hired teachers, I am proud to tell you that three of them were graduates of our very own Lapu-Lapu City College.

I ask Mr. Fernando Ochea Ompad, Ms. Clyde Patalinghug and Ms. Madonna Pino to stand up.

They are the product of our E2E or Education to Employment program.

This is what I mean by inclusive growth.

That everyone must benefit from progress and development brought about by good governance.

Before I delivered my address, you saw the kids who gave the doxology.

They come from our Home Care, a facility that helps children in conflict with the law.

A facility that is being supported by the business sector.

The city launched the Home Care Center Reintegration System Network (RSN) last April 6, 2015.

This program will be of great help to our kids who are victims of human trafficking.

I would like to thank Marvelous Bernaldez Jorda for the beautiful rendition of Lupang Hinirang and the Lapu-Lapu March.

I would also like to thank our fellow Oponganons who are deaf mute for providing this activity with sign language interpreters.

I believe Persons With Disabilities or PWD’s must have as much opportunities as we have.

They also deserve our utmost attention.

In the city we have identified over 2,000 PWDs from the mainland and island barangays.

They are entitled to privileges and benefits.

The city government has hired 45 PWDs and are now productively working in the different government offices.

This again is what I mean by inclusive growth.

The Stimulation and Therapeutic Activity Center has a complete PWD friendly features.


UBAS is a strategic partnership of the barangays, faith-based organizations and the DILG.

The aim is to pursue good governance and create common good.
UBAS is a multi-sectoral partnership movement that empowers and institutionalized grassroots participation in the barangays.

It is not enough that government works to serve the people. Nor is it enough for the people to demand from government.

Both, government and the people have to form part of the governance process so that there will be inclusive growth.

My administration is in full support of UBAS.


the bday cake program shows there are things

Last week, the Commission on Audit recommended that we stop giving birthday cakes to the senior citizens, 16,000 of them.

To my fellow seniors, I will not take away the simple joy that no money can buy.

I know how it feels as a senior citizen to get a birthday cake from someone who cares.
I’ve heard so many stories on how emotional some of us react when they get a birthday cake from the city government.

I could not forget a media friend who followed up the birthday cake of his dad that didn’t arrive on time.
That’s how much they look forward to getting a cake on their birthday.

I’ve heard one say di na diay ko makadawat og cake, hapit na ra ba ko mag 60 years old.

The birthday cake program shows there are things that no money can buy…like happiness, that sense of being loved and that feeling of being special.

Intangible but so much more valuable.

That’s why I will not stop the distribution of birthday cakes to senior citizens.

While some are cynical about the giving of birthday cakes to senior citizens, let me tell you this, I have made sure that the millions spent for it for several years now does not only give joy and happiness to our senior citizens it is part of my administration’s poverty alleviation program.

We have organized a total of 31 kababayen-an cluster in all the 30 barangays with a registered membership of 14,535.

The kababayen-an bakes the cakes that’s distributed to the senior citizens. They earn from it.

The money they raised from the cake project they used for their catering livelihood.

The combined assets of KONKA is already P11 million and it is being utilized for their livelihood activities.

This is what I mean when I say No Oponganon left behind.


If there’ one thing that you my fellow Oponganons keep on talking about on Lapu-Lapu Facebook page it’s about our existing city hospital.

I hear you. Nakadungog ko sa inyong reklamo.

I know how important is affordable health care.
By the end of the year, we will start expanding our city hospital in Carajay.

We will construct a two story building.

On the first floor it will have an emergency room, minor operating room, doctor’s quarter, laboratory, blood bank and, x-ray.

On the second floor it will have six private rooms, and six bed each for male and female medical wards, another six bed for the pediatric ward.

The city hospital expansion will have a 20.6 million peso fund from the Department of Health.

This will raise the level of our city hospital to level two just a notch lower from private hospitals like Mactan Doctor’s.

This is what I mean by inclusive growth, no Oponganon is left behind.


Lapu-Lapu City longboarders thank Mayor Paz C. Radaza for providing them a venue to practice their sport at the soon to be built Lapu-Lapu Skate Park.

The future of Lapu-Lapu goes even beyond the term of my administration.

The foundation of this inclusive growth must be built for generations to come.

We must nurture the youth and prepare them to carry on what my administration has built.

I declare to make the week right after every Easter Sunday to be the Lapu-Lapu City Youth Week for 18 to 25 years old.

This week-long activity for the youth will be held at Hoopsdome.

It will gather college coaches to conduct sports tryouts, provide employment opportunities, give free medical and dental services, scholarship grants to qualified students, student drivers licensing and many more activities.

The mobile revolution has redefined the way we do business, how we learn and how we have fun.

Let us look into how we can leverage technology to help our youth become competitive in the real world.

We must be at the forefront of innovation or our youth will, forever be, left behind.

Let us encourage our youth to race with technology.

My dear people, I cannot in conscience and I will never allow that the city will continue to experience fast economic growth and see a single Oponganon unable to feel and benefit from the fruits of a growing economy.

With good governance, I want to make sure that no Oponganon is left behind.

That each and every Oponganon will benefit from the economic growth brought about by good governance.

I will institutionalize inclusive growth just as I have institutionalized good governance.

I will dedicate the last year of my second term to it.

To all of you, I humbly asked, please join me, let us stand firmly for good governance so that no Oponganon is left behind.

Thank you.

Mayor urges women to unite against violence

Mayor Paz C. Radaza urged women to always stand up for their rights and protect their children from violence and abuse.

She said in her speech during the Leadership Training and Violence Against Women and their Children seminar at Days Hotel that women should unite in the fight against violence and abuse.

Mayor Paz C. Radaza speaks during the Leadership Training and Violence Against Women and Their Children seminar.

“Let us always be vigilant of our rights as women, let us always be vigilant of the rights of our children,” she added.

According to the mayor, her administration has always been and will always be pro women and pro children.

Lapu-Lapu gets award for high income growth

Lapu-Lapu City was recognized recently for having the highest growth of locally-sourced income among 16 cities in Central Visayas based on 2013 and 2014 collections.

Mayor Paz C. Radaza received a plaque of recognition from the Bureau of Local Government Finance during a conference in Dumaguete City a few days ago.

Mayor Paz C. Radaza displays the plaque of recognition given by the Bureau of Local Government Finance.

The City was able to grow its revenue collection to around 21 percent last year from 7.5 percent in 2013, added the mayor.
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Velarde wins silver medal, earns 1st title in Asian chess competition

Asian Chess U9 Category silver medalist Jerish John Velarde received his first professional international title as “Candidate Master (CM)” at the Asian Schools Chess Championship 2015.
This is the highest title given to a chess master who is under 12 years old.

Velarde scored seven wins in nine games to win the silver medal in the 11th Asian Schools Chess Championship 2015 held at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He represented the Lapu-Lapu City Central School in the competition.

Team Philippines came out as the overall champion of the chess competition held from May 30-June 18, 2015.

Lapu-Lapu finishes school building for public college

Work on the new Lapu-Lapu City College building was completed just in time for the opening of classes last June.

The newly finished building for the Lapu-Lapu City College.

The project, started during the term of former Representative Arturo “Boy” Radaza, was completed by Mayor Paz C. Radaza.

The City Government allocated P14 million for the construction of the college.

Chess whiz Velarde ranks 11th in Thailand tournament

Chess wizard Jerish John D. Velarde scored four wins, four draws, and one loss to place 10th runner-up in the Boys Under 9 Category of the FIDE World Schools Chess Championships 2015.

Jerish John Velarde  of Lapu-Lapu City competes in the ongoing 11th  Asian Schools Chess Championship.
Jerish John Velarde of Lapu-Lapu City competes in the ongoing 11th Asian Schools Chess Championship.

The 8-year-old represented the Lapu-Lapu City Central Elementary School in the chess competition held in Pattaya, Thailand last May 6-15.

In the 11th Asian Schools Chess Championship in Singapore, ongoing up to June 8, 2015, Velarde was reported to have won the second game against India.

Velarde’s final score in the World Schools Chess Championships in Thailand was six out of nine points, making him the 11th best of his category in the world. He reportedly tied scores with eighth and ninth runner-ups CM Nikhil Magizhnan and CM Mendonca Leon Luke of India.

He was initially ranked 56the out of 61 players when the tournament began but rose to Rank 11 when it ended.

Pajo holds first ever beauty pageant

Candidates of the first ever Miss Barangay Pajo paid a courtesy visit on Mayor Paz C. Radaza at the Lapu-Lapu City Hall.

They were accompanied by Pajo barangay chief Junard “Ahong” Chan.

Candidates of first ever Miss Barangay Pajo pay a courtesy call on Mayor Paz C. Radaza. With them is Pajo Barangay chief Junard "Ahong" Chan.
Candidates of first ever Miss Barangay Pajo pay a courtesy call on Mayor Paz C. Radaza. With them is Pajo Barangay chief Junard “Ahong” Chan.

Competing in the Miss Pajo pageant are 11 lovely candidates who are residents of the barangay.

The competition will be held on May 30, 2015, 7:30 pm, at the Barangay Pajo covered court.

Click here to vote for your favorite candidate.

The event is one of the highlights of barangay’s first fiesta celebration in honor of it patron St. Joseph the Worker.

Barangay Bankal roads now concreted

Concreting work on some road stretches and the construction of a multi-purpose hall in Barangay Bankal were finished just recently.

Bankal roads
A poster shows the newly finished roads and barangay hall of Bankal.

The initiatives are a project of Mayor Paz C. Radaza in line with her plan to beautify the main roads in the different barangays of Lapu-Lapu City.

Since the city now has become a haven for tourists who flock to its many destinations, the mayor wants to ensure that the journey is hassle-free for them.

Another goal is to provide convenience to Lapu-Lapu residents and other commuters who use the roads on a regular basis.